Walking for Charity

Charity walkers Lyn and Claire

Walking for charity

Walking for charity is a super way to raise funds and awareness, which in turn benefits the wider community. To learn more about  organising a sponsored walk for charity, please see the tips and links below. To everyone that supports us, your generosity, time and energy really do help make a difference. Thank you.

We are truly thankful to our fundraisers, sponsors, donors and volunteers who all help Circles Network continue to transform lives. For enquiries about fundraising for us, volunteering or work opportunities, please contact us or visit our work with us page.


Walton and Walkers sponsored trek

 2019 saw the amazing duo Lynn Walton and Claire Walker raising funds for Circles Network in a 25km walk as part of  the Thames Bridges Trek .  Setting out from Putney Bridge, the pair travelled over an incredible sixteen historic bridges before reaching the finish line in the  beautiful Southwark Park. If that wasn’t enough it might be worth pointing out that this was a repeat performance, the intrepid pair previously took part in the sponsored walk in 2018! We are blown away by the dedication and commitment that it took Lynn and Claire to complete this goal.  Thank you and congratulations to you both!

   Walking-for-charity-finish line


“…we like to support Circles Network to help them continue the fabulous work that they do”.
Claire Walker.

Our Top Tips for organising your own sponsored walk

  •  Decide: Will you arrange your walk independently, as part of a group or through a larger organisation?
  •  Set your goal: Are you planning  a ‘fun walk’ over a short distance, or a longer hike that requires training? Not all walks have to be a huge physical challenge, for example you could organise a sponsored fancy dress walk, a sensory walk or litter picking walk. Follow our blog for future articles on this topic!
  • Check your date: If you are organising your day independently are there any major events happening that may clash?
  •  Publicise: This helps two-fold; promoting both your walk and the charity you are raising funds for. Ideas to consider are placing adverts to local newspapers, on radio stations and local websites. Display posters in local shops, businesses, clubs, schools, libraries and community centres. (Using the charity logo can also help raise awareness.)
  • Promote: Ask local businesses for help with promotion and/or sponsorship, this can also help raise their profile.  The more people you can involve, the more publicity you generate through getting the event talked about.

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