Circles Academy

Our virtual learning centre

Circles Academy is a strong, well-established pillar of our work, designed to disseminate
and deliver the best learning available on inclusion for all. As an educational provider,
the experience we hold and the expertise of our staff, volunteers, consultants, associates,
individuals and families would be impossible to match. We've always offered open and
authentic learning as an avenue towards development and change and will continue to
do so in a pioneering and innovative fashion.

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Looking back

In the early 1990s, when we first embarked on the whole journey of inclusion as a social philosophy of change, we battled strongly in many settings against the belief that it was a 'pie in sky' idea and that at best, what could be achieved for people of difference was a tokenistic gesture of 'integration'.

Things have moved on swiftly over the last 24 years and disabled people are far more visible and prominent in many ordinary workplaces, businesses, and community environments. Arguably however, there is still a long way to go. Hate crime has increased dramatically, benefits and lifestyles have radically diminished under the cover of 'austerity measures' and there is a grave disinterest amongst some MPs in the campaign for Changing Places (accessible changing rooms for people who need them).

Looking forward

We are acutely aware of the significant need for positive learning, illumination of issues and shifts in attitudes and practice. We  create tailored, bespoke learning and development courses that focus on such change.  We deliver a range of courses in health and social care, advocacy,  person-centered approaches, neurolinguistic programming, coaching and facilitation among other subjects.

Out style is flexible and inclusive, we aim to include real stories of change to learn from and often have 'experts by experience' facilitating learning sessions. People who have lived experience of disability, discrimination and long-term exclusion have much to offer to enlighten hearts and minds towards future proofing lifestyles of inclusion.

As well as our courses for adults, our own team members, practitioners from many disciplines and organisations who purchase our training and education for their own purposes; we also deliver a host of learning opportunities for children and young people under the auspices of our Alternative Educational provision.

Alternative Education

Circles Network offers alternative education to children & young people who learn best in environments that suit their needs. Working closely with families, guardians, schools and colleges we design and deliver courses in subjects such as:

* English * Maths * Animal Care * Art * Science * Circles of Support * Work Experience * Equine Facilitated Learning * Health & Safety * Stable Management * Lego * Forest Schooling * Working in Nature

Talk to us if you have other requirements, the list is not exhaustive.



If you are interested in discussing options for yourself, someone you care about or wish to make a booking on an advertised course please contact us via the following form:

Circles Network Academy Enquiry Form

Working with Us

We are always looking for excellent learning facilitators, coaches, and volunteers. Please do make contact should you be interested in joining our faculty.



If you are enamoured or inspired  by any area of our work or by the approaches that make us unique and would like to replicate this in your own area or business, we would love to hear from you. We are always delighted to share our journey with others.

Circles Network operates across the UK and we have also provided training in India, North America, Australia and across Europe. We love the opportunity to work collaboratively and bring the life changing experience and knowledge we so strongly believe in to enhance the lives of others.

Should you be interested in investing in bespoke training that will transform the lives of people you work with, please contact us.



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Equine Facilitated Learning Training