Help and support in Inverclyde

Circles Advocacy Inverclyde delivers a free, independent advocacy service

Who can access the service?

Individuals who are 16 years and over, who live in Inverclyde and are experiencing one or more of the following conditions:

● mental ill health
● dementia
● learning, physical or sensory impairments
● acquired brain injury
● chronic/long term illness
● autistic spectrum diagnosis
● people with lived experience of drug or alcohol dependency
● personality disorder
● prisoners
● unpaid carers

We support people to:

● have a say about the services they receive
● understand their rights
● raise issues they are worried about
● ensure safeguarding in situations where they may be vulnerable

We also support children who are 16 years and over who are subject to compulsory measures under the Mental Health (Care & Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003. We are inclusive in our approach and support people of all ages and backgrounds including older people, those detained under the Mental Health Act, carers, parents, people in refuge, prisoners receiving health care and people who are homeless or experiencing issues related to alcohol or drug dependency.

Examples of advocacy provision include assisting with:

● adult protection meetings
● adults with incapacity hearings/meetings
● GP/health and professional appointments
● mental health tribunals
● social work meeting and reviews
● care programme approach (CPA) meetings
● hospital ward meetings
● care home review meetings
● discharge meetings
● meetings with solicitors
● self-directed support
● children's hearings

Self-Directed Support (SDS) Project - Inverclyde

Individuals who are 16 years and over, who live in Inverclyde and are experiencing one or more of the following conditions:

Support in the Right Direction (SiRD)
Raises awareness and understanding of self-directed support and the process across Inverclyde to people relying on services, their families, and carers by sharing information, supporting them to put across their views and by facilitating peer groups.

We will support the person at every stage of the SDS process such as:

  • providing information to the person
  • communicating with social work departments
  • preparing the person for assessment
  • sitting with the person whilst going through the process
  • assisting the person construct their support plans
  • communicating with payroll providers
  • providing information about pension schemes
  • providing support to open dedicated bank accounts
  • dealing with complaints
  • supporting the person through the process to employ a personal assistant including advertising
  • informing individuals about various support organisations so they can make informed choices
  • working in partnership with organisations who offer training
  • encouraging participation in peer groups for the individuals considering self-directed support
  • assisting individuals to raise complaints and address important issues.

How to contact us:


If you would like to make an enquiry about how we can assist or to speak to one of the team, our operating times are:

Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm
01475 730797

01475 730797 (call or text)

At times when the advocates are out of the office, please leave a message. Our voicemail is checked daily.

Circles Advocacy 21 Grey Place, Greenock, PA15 1YF    

Circles Advocacy Inverclyde printables

Advocacy leaflet

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Self Directed Support leaflet

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