Welcome to Circles Network

A UK wide voluntary organisation renowned for building inclusive communities on the foundations of justice,
advocacy, empowerment and friendships.

Our vision is to create inclusive communities where all lives matter.

Our mission is to support disabled and disadvantaged people of all ages in transformational and empowering ways to live fulfilling and inclusive lives.


Our work is organised in four key segments:



Circles Advocacy provides professional, independent person centred advocacy for young people and adults across the UK; in some areas we provide Advocacy for children under the age of sixteen. Our approach to advocacy is carefully constructed to enable the person (or their chosen advocate) to express their views and choices on a wide range of issues relating to their lives and to ensure that their voice is heard by people they might need to relate to. With over 25 years of providing and developing advocacy...  read more


3D (dimensional) Community Support is a unique service that assists people in the community to live rich and fulfilling lives. Our facilitators work individually with people of all ages to understand what they want out of their lives, strive towards specific goals and coach to overcome barriers and achieve great outcomes.

Support varies from light touch to intense and specialised assistance and is adjusted to suit each person according to their needs. The relationship between Facilitator and the person asking for support, along with...  read more


The Circles Equine team run a range of small projects for children, young people and adults who want to work alongside horses and ponies. This work enables participants to develop and grow though therapeutic and educational opportunities using; equine facilitated learning, natural horsemanship skills, neurolinguistic programming, pony centred life coaching, mindfulness, emotional resilience techniques and other wonderful approaches that blend in unique and powerful ways to inspire positive change...  read more


The Academy is an essential segment of Circles Network and is open to participants of all ages. As a learning organisation we aspire to gain information and development opportunities that feed our desire for global knowledge and dissemination of all aspects of inclusion, well-being and community cohesion. The Academy operates throughout the UK and beyond as courses are offered in a variety of settings and increasingly online.

In addition to training for our own and our associates’ teams of staff and volunteers...  read more

Justice, advocacy, empowerment and friendships.

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