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Welcome to Circles Network

Circles Network is a UK wide voluntary organisation renowned for building inclusive communities on the foundations of justice,
advocacy, empowerment and friendships.

"Working with people of any age who are isolated or at risk of isolation, this organisation has ground breaking expertise in the development of circles of support, independent and collective advocacy, Person Centered Planning and inclusion into the mainstream of life.
Working in highly creative , entrepreneurial styles, they are dynamic and ever more determined to
dream, dare and do."

Mandy Neville


Circles Advocacy



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What we do

Circles Advocacy provides professional, independent person centered advocacy for  young people and adults from a number of our hubs across the UK, in some areas we provide Advocacy for children under the age of 16 .  In many areas this work is commissioned through contracts with the NHS and local councils and is therefore cost free to the individuals who might need it.  Our approach to advocacy is carefully constructed to enable the person (or their chosen advocate) to express their views and choices on a wide range of issues relating to their lives and to ensure that their voice is heard by the people they may need to relate to.  With over 20 years of providing, growing and developing advocacy our advocacy teams are highly trained and experienced.

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Circles Community



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What we do

3D Community Support is a unique service which aims to help people in the community to live rich and fulfilling lives. Our facilitators work one to one with people to understand what they want out of their lives, achieve goals and help them to overcome barriers and find solutions. We take time to really listen to what people want and need to improve their lives and then we support them to perhaps do something as simple as go shopping, carry out day to day tasks or to plan bigger challenges and changes to get more our of life.

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Circles Equine



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What we do

Circles equine run a range of projects for children, young people and adults who want to work alongside horses and ponies to develop and grow through therapeutic and educational opportunities, using equine facilitated learning, natural horsemanship skills, neurolinguistics programming, pony centred life coaching, mindfulness, tapping and other wonderful approaches that blend in unique and powerful ways to inspire positive change.

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Circles Academy



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What we do

Circles Academy is an essential segment of Circles Network and is open to participants of all ages.  As a learning organisation we are always looking for information and development opportunities that feed our desire for global knowledge and dissemination of matters relating to inclusion, well-being and community cohesion. The academy operates throughout the UK and beyond as courses are offered in a variety of settings and increasingly online. Click on the image above to learn more.

Justice, advocacy, empowerment and friendships.

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circles academy

Circles Network Academy

Over 60% of people say they avoid disabled people because they don't know how to behave around them (Disability Sport, 2014).

Disabled people are around three times as likely not to hold any qualifications compared to

non-disabled people. (Leonard Cheshire Disability, 2014).

Traditional ideas about communities reinforce inequalities and discriminate against disabled people as social exclusion is understood around worklessness (Disability Rights, 2014).

Over the last year, Circles Academy has trained over 200 people on various programmes covering areas such as Person-Centred Planning, Understanding Neglect of Children, Hate Crime Awareness and Advocacy Skills. With your help we can continue to share our 25 years of inclusion, well-being and community experience through creative, vibrant, and flexible training programmes.

circles equine

Circles Network Equine

Children with special educational needs (SEN) are twice as likely as other children to be bullied regularly (IoE, 2014).

Pupils with SEN also tend to have fewer friends and participate in fewer social and recreational activities than their peers who don't have learning difficulties.

(Mencap, 2018).

70% of children and adolescents who experience mental health issues have not had appropriate interventions early enough (Children's Society, 2008).

At Circles Equine, children and young people can work alongside horses and gain confidence, communication, and relationship skills. The Taking the Reins course has helped 253 children in total over the 2017-2018 year. Your help allows us to provide a nurturing environment working with horses for children and young people experiencing difficulties at our base in Warwickshire.

circles advocacy

Circles Network Advocacy

Over a quarter of disabled people say that they do not have choice and control over their daily lives (ONS Opinions Survey, 2011).

Most people develop their disabilities later in life (Papworth Trust, 2016) so as the population ages; the number of adults with limiting health conditions or

disabilities is also increasing (Scottish Health Survey, 2008-2016).

One in three households with a disabled person live in inadequate accommodation (English House Conditions Survey, 2008)

According to the charity Scope, 42% of disabled people felt they had been passed up for a job because of the way their impairment was perceived by employers, and 49% of disabled people said they had experienced discrimination in shops. (Scope, 2014)

During 2017, Circles Network helped almost 8,000 new introductions to their advocacy service in areas across Scotland such as Glasgow, Fife, Inverclyde, Ayrshire and recently Moray. With your help we can ensure that the people we represent have their voices heard.

circles community

Circles Network community

Your donations allow us to support those most in need and allow people to create their own package of support where they have control in setting goals for their futures. Donations support us to spread the values of inclusion throughout the country.

In Britain over 10 million people have a limiting long term illness, impairment or disability - this is over 18 percent of the population.The most common types of impairment for adults in Britain are those associated with difficulty in mobility, lifting and carrying.

More than 1 in 100 people are affected by Autism.Over 700,000 people in the UK are autistic, which means that 2.8 million people have a relative on the autism spectrum which is a lifelong condition.

17% of older people are in contact with family, friends and neighbours less than once a week and 11% are in contact less than once a month. Over half (51%) of all people aged 75 and over live alone (ONS, 2010) Two fifths of all older people (about 3.9 million) say the television is their main company (Age UK, 2014) loneliness is a bigger problem than simply an emotional experience. Research shows that loneliness and social isolation are harmful to our health; lacking social connections is a comparable risk factor for early death as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and is worse for us than well-known risk factors such as obesity and physical inactivity. Loneliness increases the likelihood of mortality by 26%.


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