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Seeing is believing.

We have witnessed more transformative life changing connections than we could ever list. Learning is always advanced when our emotions are ignited and our ponies are masters at lifting us way above the ordinary and making us laugh, love and breathe.

Enhancing lives

Most people are inclined to jump straight to the  idea that we offer riding as our  main activity, and yet this couldn't be further from the truth.
Horses and ponies have so much more to give; they are empathetic, powerful, engaging and communicative.
Our aim is to develop synergy between humans and equines and watch the magic happen.

There is no limit other than our  own imagination to the variety of games, tasks, energy medicine, dances, artwork , conversations, team building, leadership development, body language, interaction, mindfulness and meditation that can  be provided as the bonds of trust and friendship  are stimulated.

Participant Form

Click on the link below to complete our Equine Participant Form. The form can be completed digitally using the Adobe Acrobat Chrome extension or printed and returned to the address listed.

Therapeutic Equine Participant Form - Digital Form


Who might benefit from participating?

We like to think that any animal lover might benefit from our work.
We know for sure that the following groups have loved their time with us and gained from the experience;

disabled and disadvantaged children, young people and adults of all ages
people with attachment difficulties, autism, ADHD and ADD
Corporate groups and teams
people who are at risk of isolation
people transitioning through any major change such as:
Illness or trauma
school or college
Employment or retirement
new beginnings

“After two months of accessing equine sessions we have seen a reduction in incidents within H’s residential setting. It is clear he is able to regulate his behaviour more independently and positively. He has started to communicate how he is feeling verbally rather than through his behaviour and he thoroughly looks forward to his weekly sessions. Without the support of Circles Equine I am sure this would have resulted in another placement breakdown for this young person which would have really impacted his self worth and emotional wellbeing”

– Residential home provider – West Midlands

Peoples lives can be positively influenced and permanently changed by spending time with horses. 


Those that make it happen.

We are extremely fortunate in receiving financial and practical support from our wonderful sponsors. This assistance enables us to sustain an excellent team, lovely facilities, and the equipment and resources that ensure we can work with hundreds of people each year.

Special thanks to the organisations listed  and to the many individual donors who wish to remain anonymous, from a bag of carrots to a sizeable charitable grant every contribution counts.


Our Equine projects

We provide sessions, courses and events for children, adults and families, as well as working with a wide range of businesses and organisations. These include;

Early Years Providers (0-5 years)
Parents, Guardians and Young People
Adoption and Fostering agencies
Schools and Youth organisations
Local Authority services
Psychologists, Educators and Therapists
Corporate and Business partnerships
Practitioners from other voluntary, private and statutory organisations.


Working and playing with horses provides for giant leaps of progress in a wide range of aspects including

Self confidence
Mental health
Exploring relationships and trust
Overcoming loss
Reducing stress and anxiety
Creating resilience
Developing strength.

If you love us enough to want to do what we do

Our website, leaflets and materials are all the work of Circles Network and in turn are subject to copyright law.

We do however, disseminate our work widely and can offer direct training and learning opportunities for groups, businesses and individuals.

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Circles Equine holiday clubs and activities

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Circles Equine projects and courses

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