An update from Africa

Having arrived safely in Kenya, Circles Network CEO Mandy Neville headed off yesterday for School4life in kimillili armed with educational toys, materials and many links to people who will help.

Mandy will be working in collaboration with the schools directors Astrid and Agnes and its teachers, sharing her comprehensive and pragmatic experience in order to evaluate how best to provide optimum support for the children, most of whom have not previously been in education. It was Circles Network Trustee Amiya Kagalwala who connected us with School4life having visited the school with his colleagues from when they built two new classrooms earlier this year. Put simply, School4life is an amazing charity that was set up against all the odds and the special needs school is in its infancy.

We have received the wonderful news that an American colleague Shannon Ross has offered to help with international fundraising and that other offers of support will be finalised once evaluations are complete.

We are very much looking forward to hearing further news and updates from Mandy.

To learn more about school4life and the special needs school visit

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