Taking the Reins has enjoyed welcoming volunteers of all ages over the years, the contribute a great deal to the project and Circles   Network. 

We welcome volunteers who are able to work with the ponies, help maintain the yard, gardens and fields and help with administrative tasks.  We have a fundraising circle which meets regularly to come up with great fundraising ideas and raise much needed funds to ensure that our work can continue. 

Our volunteers are valued members of the team.  We have regular events and activities which enable volunteers, staff and friends of Circles Network to get together and have fun.  Picnics, parties and attending shows are just some of the exciting activities which have taken place within the last year.

"I enjoy coming to Circles Network. even if I am having a bad day there is always some one to listen to you and put a smile on your face. I enjoy all the tasks and challenges that I have been involved in and learn something new every day. I mainly work with Pat, Dave and Mark who are all really nice people and I enjoy working with them. We feed, water, muck out and care for the horses, and help teach others. Since joining as a volunteer seven months ago I feel my confidence has improved and I have been able to deal with situations that I wouldn't have previously. I am going to carry on volunteering and learning new skills and also do some courses to gain knowledge to pursue a career in this area." Taking the Reins Volunteer.

If you would like more information about how to become a volunteer or to get an application form, please contact one of the Taking the Reins team members on: 01788 816671 or email: