For Businesses

We offer corporate programmes where you can bring your team for the day to work with our herd of horses and to strategize dynamic and creative ways to problem solve together. We also have unique strategic level programmes for managers, directors and CEOs such as Majestic Achievement described below.

Contact Liz Montford on 01788 816 671 and to discuss these programmes and how we can develop a learning experience to meet your needs.


Majestic Achievement

Majestic Achievement is a one day equine assisted leadership workshop for managers, CEOs and directors in business settings of all kinds.

Horses have been around for centuries, living in groups and working out strategically what they need to do to survive, thrive and be happy. Utilising an approach called “Equine Assisted Leadership”. We will learn from and with our herd of horses and transfer this knowledge into creating the start of an amazing new perspective on achieving in management and leadership. This workshop will include an understanding of the law of achievement whilst interacting with horses to discover how to become a more successful leader.

We have a small herd that range in sizes, from miniature Shetland ponies to full sized horses. Each member of the herd offers something different and you may find that one of them is particularly drawn to you. Regardless of size, each horse is trained and experienced in facilitating learning and some of the benefits on offer include:

  • an ability to react in the moment
  • unique and personal experiences, between you and your horse
  • an understanding that goes far beyond words
  • constant and individualised feedback
  • honesty and integrity from the horse
  • survival and leadership skills

This workshop offers a unique and practical style of facilitation where participants gain the opportunity to work directly with horses to examine and reflect on their own leadership and management practice. The horse often mirrors your emotions in looking towards the best leader that you can be. This can help give you clarity on issues that you may be consciously or unconsciously dwelling on. Find out how you can think positively about solutions and achieve even more with your results.

What are the benefits

You will receive a unique and different experience and even if you have a fear of horses, we can help to change that response. Time and time again, our results have shown that:

  • decision making is enhanced
  • stress levels reduce
  • confidence improves
  • communication is expanded
  • morale is lifted
  • your performance improves
  • you focus on achieving
  • you have fun
  • self-reflection becomes more creative and real.


What will happen on the day

You will not be invited to ride any of the horses during this day. We will work on the ground, leading and asking the horse to perform tasks with you.

To be comfortable and safe we ask that you wear a safety helmet (we have plenty in different sizes if you do not have one to bring), sturdy boots with low heels, (such as walking boots), trousers, a top you can move easily in that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty and gloves to protect your hands when using ropes. (We do have spare gloves too).

We are happy for you to bring a camera to record your experiences.


Your Facilitators

Mandy Neville

Mandy is the founder and Chief Executive of Circles Network, and her roots are in social work, teaching and training. She has a Masters Degree in management development and social responsibility. During her career she has worked side by side with diverse groups of people in a variety of settings in the statutory, voluntary and independent sectors taking action towards the creation of an inclusive world. Through this exciting and demanding role with Circles Network she has been a part of a growing movement testing boundaries, watching attitudes change and developing new creative ways to include disabled and disadvantaged people and support them to have more positive futures in the mainstream of life.

Alongside her passion for people, Mandy has enjoyed a lifelong love of horses and has ridden and cared for them since childhood. It is only in recent years that she has been inspired to bring horses and people together through creating Taking the Reins, one of the first Equine Facilitated Leadership and Learning projects in Europe.