LG2 and our Youth Groups

Let’s Get Together – LG2!

LG2 is a youth club that encourages young people to get together to achieve great things in their community. We open up opportunities to explore horticulture, music, drama, Equine Facilitated Learning, sports, games and other creative media. Through a variety of workshops we address the objectives: strengthening communication skills; developing leadership skills; focussing on citizenship and planning as a team. Following on from this input the young people organise and run an event that will benefit their community. We have run LG2 this year both as full day courses out of term time and as a regular evening youth club.


Visiting youth groups

Taking the Reins has also been very pleased to arrange youth group sessions for: 

  • Young Carers with the Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs
  • The Restricted Growth Society
  • Young people not in education, employment or training in Warwickshire
  • Phoenix Youth Group, Phoenix School

If you are interested in joining our youth club or providing a Taking the Reins experience for your youth group then contact us at:

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