Horses for Courses

Horses for courses is designed to be an individual and person centred learning experience for secondary school students.

We offer this course at a number of different levels to suit a diverse range of abilities. We can run the course at a level equivalent to an NVQ or in line with educational curriculum to suit the individual, including literacy and numeracy skills. We ensure that all participants have a sense of achievement at regular intervals throughout the course, by acknowledging and rewarding completion of individual modules. 

This course can benefit all young people, including those wishing to move on to employment in the equine industry. Our project facilitators are highly experienced in working with children and young people from all backgrounds and a range of abilities.

What is involved?

Horses for Courses is a practical learning programme covering aspects of stable management and horse care. The programme includes learning about maintaining suitable environments for horses, monitoring horse’s health, personal health and safety how to groom and turn out for shows and competitions and exploring methods of training. The course is split into stages and can be started at any time during the year, as the course is tailored around each individual’s needs, there are no deadlines to follow or timescales for completion.

How does Horses for Courses work?

Our Horses for Courses programme involves working in a small group or on a 1:1 basis with our skilled facilitators. There are many options for the individual to choose from with regards to how their progress is recorded. Some of the options include: a practical demonstration, photos, worksheets and written evidence as well as other methods suitable for the individual. The individual will be systematically creating their own portfolio which they can take away along with a certificate of achievement which can then be added to the participant’s CV.

Contact us for more information about this programme or to discuss how it might work for individual pupils on 01788 816 671.