Becoming a Corporate Sponsor

Why do we need Corporate Sponsors?

Corporate sponsorship forms a vital role in supporting our work throughout the UK. We are always looking to develop new opportunities to work in partnership with other organisations and we are able to tailor our opportunities to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Whether you are able to assist us through fundraising, promotional activities or strategic partnerships, we would welcome and value your support in reducing social isolation and creating truly inclusive communities.


What your company can gain by becoming a Corporate Sponsor?

Circles Network has a successful track record in managing corporate partnerships with a range of small, medium and large enterprises.

Through supporting Circles Network your organisation will directly drive forward positive social change towards creating inclusive communities. In addition to receiving full acknowledgement through our website, press activity and relevant publications we will keep you updated on how your contribution is making a real difference to the hundreds of thousands of socially isolated individuals living throughout the UK.

Your organisation will also have the unique benefit of working in partnership with a leading national charity with offices located throughout the country. Alongside the development of a socially responsible corporate image this can lead to enhanced employee satisfaction and company values.


Ways your organisation can help us

Here are just a few easy ways to get involved and however you decide to help us we will make sure you get the very best PR opportunities:

  • Sponsorship

Your organisation could sponsor an individual project, a fundraising event or even an Academy for Inspiring Inclusion training course.

  • Corporate Donation

Make a one off or regular donation or in kind contribution. We will keep you updated on how your contribution is making a real difference to our work and the hundreds of thousands of isolated individuals living throughout the UK.

  • Pennies from Heaven

If your organisation has more than 150 employees your staff could be given the option of rounding their monthly salary down to the nearest 10p, donating the spare pennies to Circles Network. Most individuals won't notice the change, but combined it can make a significant difference to our work.

  • Regular Giving

Give your employees the option to donate a set amount of their salary before tax each month.

  • Everyclick

Set 'Everyclick' as your staff homepage and search engine by visiting and nominating us as your charity. Then, every time you and your staff use the site to search the internet money will be donated straight to Circles Network at no cost to your organisation!

  • Corporate Fundraising Events

Choose Circles Network as the beneficiary of one of your corporate events, we can help with speakers, stalls and stands.

  • Promotional Support

Help us promote our great work throughout the UK! Perhaps allow us to include information leaflets in your mailings or put a link to our website on your own site.

  • Collection Boxes

Display one of our collection boxes at your organisation!


Or why not consider our Corporate Experience Taking the Reins - for management development or your team building activity this year

Majestic Achievement is a One Day Equine Assisted Leadership Workshop

This programme is provided by Circles Network's Academy for Inspiring Inclusion. The Academy's role is to inspire people of all ages and from all walks of life to live out those values and create communities that inherently provide justice, empowerment and equality for all.

Aimed at challenging leadership approaches at the highest levels of management, this programme uniquely uses horses and the tools of equine facilitation to help individuals develop their own strategies and talents as managers of people, and enables them to take this experience and create more successful and fulfilled business and personal lives.

You will receive a unique and different experience and time and time again, our results have shown that:

  • decision making is enhanced
  • stress levels have been reduced
  • confidence is improved
  • team building is enhanced
  • communication is expanded
  • morale is lifted
  • performance is improved
  • individuals focus on achieving
  • self reflection becomes more creative and real

This day does not involve any riding. We will work on the ground, leading and asking the horse to perform tasks with you.

For more information please contact us on 01788 816 671 or by email on


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